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Fighters have tournaments. 

A&S has Faires. 

I introduce to you:

Service Speed Networking. You'll be given a specific amount of time (Determined by the number of people in attendance) to sit and discuss with different peers before switching to the next peer (Adjustments may be made for the number of attendees based on peer-to-non-peer ratio.) It will be a good time to ask questions, get feedback, spread your renown, introduce yourself and what you do in the SCA, and network with others who might be able to assist you or connect you to others to support your ideas.


Like speed dating, you get about 5 or so minutes (The time depends on attendance.) to speak with Pelicans before having to switch to the next one.

(Sign up not required but appreciated!)

Service Speed Networking
Val Day 2024 ~ 10am-12pm ~ Room 6


  • General Populace would have the undivided attention of Pelicans to:

    • Ask questions

    • Receive feedback

    • Let Pelicans know what they are working on and give them a chance to spread their renown (which opportunities lack within the SCA for service scadians.)

    • Give the populace a chance to sit and talk with Pelicans that they would not otherwise have the opportunity for. (That can be hard for us in every day to day settings. Since we don't have a space to showcase what we do, this is that opportunity!

  • Pelicans will be afforded a time to meet with members of the populace to:​​

    • Meet people who are preforming service that they may not regularly see.​

    • Give feedback to "enrich the kingdom and society so that it may flourish and grow."

    • Have a chance to meet potential future Pelican candidates face to face.

    • Learn more about what members of the populace are working on.

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